Why Faith is Important in our Life

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where things don’t go according to our plan? These results in an individual losing faith not only in our life’s but also in any other positive outcome in our life. Once you experience life failures it becomes easy to lose faith and hope in life. Faith keeps us going and losing faith in one’s life that means lack of interest to life and can result into devastating actions and outcomes including suicide.

Faith Goes Beyond Hope

Faith goes beyond hope and is deeply attached to our belief of good things to come in life. Once faith is lost life stop having meaning and terminating it becomes an option. Faith is rooted in an individual’s heart and spirit and not much can be explained by logic. Faith is the hope that things will get better with time. It is simply stepping on a staircase without seeing the next step. Just like a driver on a highway, we all have the faith that no driver will crash on our driveway. Without faith we cannot expect that things will be positive.

Faith Is as important as night and daylight.

To make it more vivid faith is just like the air we breathe, we cannot do anything without it we cannot even survive. The power of faith can never be ignored even when things seem impossible we put our trust on faith that everything will be okay.

Faith carries our deepest wishes and desires that is the homestead of faith. It is hard for some people to see the power of faith. Especially those who don’t believe in what they do not see and do not recognize the scenarios where faith has worked in their favor.

Many believe that faith is just something that people hold on to feel comfortable. They fail to recognize it as a precise element in life. Failure to have faith can make an individual’s life remarkably hard since without faith you cannot have any hope in life. Without faith doom is on our side during our darkest moments.

Once our mind is focused on hope and positivity our deeds are focused towards achieving the positive thoughts but once we focus our minds on the negative things such as the problems someone is facing without the thought of a better end result then our life’s will become meaningless and our minds adopt to living with such problems.

When our mind is trained to think of better things to come we automatically attract the better things to come and hence live a life of abundance. Your mind is crucial when it comes to deciding the type of life you want to have.

The story in the bible of job

For the believers the story in the bible of job is a good example when it comes to faith. Job believed highly in God and knew that under no circumstance would the almighty let him succumb to the devil’s evil doings in his life. The devil thought that Job was faithful because the almighty had blessed him abundantly and God decided to take everything from Job.

To the devil’s disappointment Job kept his faith in God and hoped for a better tomorrow even when all seemed impossible. Afterwards God restored all the things Job, had if he had lost faith would he have recovered all that had been taken from him?